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The promise of cancer immunotherapy and in particular checkpoint inhibitors that target the PD1 PDL1 signaling pathway is the topic of this episode.

We hear about the latest data presented at the 2015 annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) in Philadelphia.

Interviews with Dr Julie Brahmer (Johns Hopkins), Dr Leisha Emens (at the time of recording at Johns Hopkins and now at the University of Pittsburgh) and Dr Ira Mellman (Genentech) take us on a journey that highlights some of the challenges and opportunities.

Dr Leisha Emens Johns Hopkins

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in the United States.

Dr Roy Herbst

Dr Roy Herbst at 2014 SITC annual meeting

“Personalized Immunotherapy for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer was the title of an outstanding presentation by Roy Herbst MD PhD, at the 2014 annual meeting of the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC).

Following his talk, Dr Herbst kindly shared his thoughts on lung cancer immunotherapy, and his experience of participating in clinical trials of checkpoint inhibitors that target the PD-1 (and it’s ligand PD-L1) cell signaling pathway.

Cancer Immunotherapy is one of the topics we will be talking about a lot on the podcast. As we gear up to the first episode, we thought we would share a few stories that set the scene, what we are calling a prologue.

Picture Credit: Genentech

In this audio piece, you will hear Daniel Chen MD PhD @DanChenMDPhD (pictured right), Cancer Immunotherapy Head at Roche Genentech (in August 2018 he became Chief Medical Officer at IGM Biosciences) talk about how our immune system can be used to fight cancer.

One of the hottest topics in Cancer Research is using the body’s immune system to fight cancer. This report discusses the promise of Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T Cell Therapy.

It was previously broadcast on the Sound Medicine Radio Hour on March 22, 2015.

Dr Stephan Grupp presents data at ASH 2014 media briefing moderated by Dr Catherine Bollard

Dr Stephan Grupp presents data at ASH 2014 media briefing moderated by Dr Catherine Bollard

In it you will hear an interview with Dr Stephan Grupp (The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia) who talks about the clinical trial results seen with CTL019, a new CAR T Cell therapy in development by Novartis & The University of Pennsylvania.