We’re excited to start season 2 of the Novel Targets Podcast with an episode on the Cancer Immunity Cycle!

While in New Orleans for the 2016 annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), we rented a studio at WWNO New Orleans public radio to talk with Dr Daniel Chen (@DanChenMDPhD) and Dr Ira Mellman.

Novel Targets Recording at WWNO

Dr Chen (pictured left) is an oncologist and an immunologist. He leads the cancer immunotherapy product development group at Genentech and Roche (In August 2018 Dr Chen became Chief Medical Officer of IGM Biosciences).  Dr Mellman (pictured right) is Vice President of cancer immunology at Genentech in South San Francisco.

Their paper on the Cancer Immunity Cycle, published back in 2013, is a useful framework for understanding cancer immunotherapy and where the rate-limiting steps to target are. The following graphical illustration of the cycle is published with permission from Genentech:

Graphic courtesy of Genentech, with permission.

Additional Information

There’s more information on the Cancer Immunity Cycle on the Genentech website – they are understandably proud of the work of their scientists.

Behind the Cycle – includes more background information on how Chen & Mellman developed the Cancer Immunity Cycle.  In the post, you’ll also see the picture we took of them back at AACR 2015 as we were recording the very first podcast episode on Checkpoints.  Given how fast the field is moving, that already seems a long time ago.

Oncology meets immunology: the cancer-immunity cycleImmunity. 2013 Jul 25;39(1):1-10.

doi: 10.1016/j.immuni.2013.07.012.

Link to download a copy of the Chen & Mellman paper (open access)

Update: Interview with Dan Chen at ASCO19

In an interview at ASCO19 published on Biotech Strategy Blog (subscription required) Dr Chen talked about how he applies the cancer immunity cycle when he thinks about cancer drug development. See BSB post: The Next Wave of IO with Dr Dan Chen

We shared a short excerpt from the interview on Twitter:

Episode Sponsor

Genentech Corporate LogoThis podcast episode was produced thanks to sponsorship from Genentech. We’re grateful for their support!

Here at Blue Ice Publishing, we fiercely maintain our editorial independence. This means that sponsors have no control over content, who we choose to interview, or the questions we ask etc. The shows are just as much a surprise for them, as they are for regular listeners.

In our latest show, we talked to Drs Chen and Mellman, not because they worked for Genentech at the time of the interview, but because they are experts in the field who we think you should hear and learn from.

Podcast Music

The music in this podcast episode is by electric violinist and composer David Schulman from his album Quiet Life Motel.

Production Support

Many thanks to New Orleans public radio station (WWNO) for allowing us to use their studio to record this episode. It’s a lot easier to record three people in a professional broadcast environment.

Thomas Walsh was the audio engineer at WWNO for this recording. We thank him for his production support.


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