• Season 4

Episode 26: Coming Full Circle

The award of the 2018 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine to Dr Jim Allison and Dr Tasuku Honjo is a defining moment for cancer research that we want to recognize. You’ll hear from Dr Allison... Read More
  • Season 4

Episode 25: In the shadow of T cells

In this episode we’re continuing our look at the innate immune system by considering the potential of Natural Killer or NK cells for cancer immunotherapy: Why do NK cells matter, what do they see, and... Read More
  • Season 4

Episode 24: Immune System Choreography

We’ve covered quite a lot on the science, biology and even various therapeutics relating to the adaptive immune system, which involves lymphocytes such as T cells and B cells, but what about the innate immune... Read More
  • Season 4

Episode 23: Modulating the Signal

In this latest episode, we tackle the family of protein molecules called cytokines that can have a yin and yang effect on the tumour microenvironment in many solid tumours. What are they and can we... Read More
  • Season 4

Episode 22: Practice, Pitfalls, and Possibilities

Welcome back to Season 4! This episode of Novel Targets was recorded at the 2018 annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) in Chicago. This time around, we’re talking about cancer immunotherapy... Read More
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