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Novel Targets – Science worth your time  by YFacio

Fascinating, short, succinct. The information is presented clearly and in a way that anyone can understand. Having had cancer, I can say that learning more about it and what we are doing to fight it is hopeful. Thanks to Novel Targets for bringing new information to the masses.

Great to Hear from Leaders in Science by kirk802

These podcasts are excellent. Reading medical journal articles can be (is) numbing after a while. The recent podcasts are excellent in bringing true experts who can and do cut through to the key points and topics (helped along by excellent questions from Peter).

Episode 17: Overcoming Immunotherapy Resistance

February 2017 Review by @ohmsonite

Excerpt from @ohmsonite review. My favs: episode 5 : Titans of Adoptive Cell Therapy (Dr Carl June & Dr Rosenberg duke it out, in the most friendly and professional way about TCR and CAR T therapies), episode 11 (Dan Chen & Ira Mellman talk about the world famous cancer immunity cycle). Sometimes I go back and listen numerous times during my commute and frankly, I learn something new each time. If you like them, make sure you subscribe to them in iTunes and give them the reviews they so very deserve.

Episode 15: Targeting Ovarian Cancer

Episode 14: Cell Therapy Pioneers

Episode 13: Immunotherapy or Bust

In a June 23, 2016 post on Adventures In Living Terminally Optimistic Blog, patient advocate, and stage 4 colorectal cancer patient, Tom Marsilje, PhD (@CurrentincurSci) picked up on the message of “hope” in the podcast. In several blog posts, Tom shared his excitement about the potential breakthrough in microsatellite stable (MSS) CRC where responses were seen with a combination of two drugs, neither of which worked on their own previously. Tom’s review of the podcast highlights the importance of patient education. With the increasing complexity around new treatment options and clinical trials, if you want to live as long as possible, you need be an educated patient!

Episode 12: Of Mice and Men

Episode 11: Cancer Immunity Cycle

Novel Targets made Luke Timmerman’s Top 10 list on Forbes

Thanks for the shout-out Luke!

Feedback on Season 1

Following Episode 10: New Horizons in Hematology, a CLL patient sent an email to say:

“I am an avid consumer of research and interviews in CLL.  This is truly one of the best interviews I’ve have ever read/heard.  Very comprehensive.”

An important takeaway from the feedback we’ve received from cancer patients is that many have a high-level of knowledge about their disease. They want to be informed and educated about the latest research and what new treatment options may be on the horizon. They never know when they might relapse or progress and be in need a clinical trial that offers renewed hope.